!!Announcement!! New Blog and Poetry Challenge

Greetings friends and poetry lovers,

I’d like to invite you to check out my new blog Astra Poetica, where I post weekly as part of an ongoing Fifty-Two Forms Poetry Challenge. In order to promote the challenge, I’ll be sharing an original poem in a unique poetic form every day over the course of the next ten days. My first randomly selected poetic form was: The Gwawdodyn.

“Snowdon from Nantlle Valley,” by Welsh painter 
Sir Kyffin Williams R.A.

Week One: The Gwawdodyn

Sons of Abraham (An Original Gwawdodyn)

Tell me all you Sons of Abraham
Spilling sacred blood for sacred land:
Do your daughters weep to see the slaughter
Of so many sacrificial lambs?

Click here to learn more about the gwawdodyn form.

Click here to learn more about the Fifty-Two Form Poetry Challenge.

*Creative works are owned by the author and subject to copyright laws*

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