Original Poem – Gone Coloroado (Parts I and II)

    Gone Colorado (Parts I and II)


(Heaven, I’m in Heaven)

Winding the highway Peak to Peak
Singing Sinatra’s ‘Cheek to Cheek’
Blank Stars
Gone Moon
Out together dancing



The night was invisible.

How is it we’ve slipped into this impossible altitude?
Where spectral clouds are born of wind and mist,
Tectonic plates collide, And a continent divides.

In my silver station wagon,
The humming miles vanish beneath us,
Arcing up and bowing down
The serpentine mountain passes–
Half past midnight on South Colorado 7,
Riding the highway lines at perfect speed.

Timeless now, for a moment,
Careening through the phantom foothills,
Teasing the subtle urge of annihilation;
Fearless under an absent sky–
smothered out of sight by the crawling tide
of cumulonimbi.

Lost to Estes Park of Larimer County,
Lost to the summits of the Twin Sisters,
Lost to the jagged shadows of Taylor,
Tungsten, and Hurricane Hill.
Lost to our own history.

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